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Hi, my name is Philippa and I teach yoga classes for beginners in Hong Kong.

Freelance Yoga Instructor and Artist

Born in Bedford and raised in Hong Kong, my first experience of yoga was a Hot 26 class in London whilst studying at Central Saint Martins. Missing the heat and humidity of home, hot yoga seemed a fun way to sweat. The struggle and frustration of not being able to do what seemed effortless to others made me realise how much I had forgotten about my health. So I kept going back and each time there was something I could not do. The set sequence taught me the benefits of repetition and discipline. Every time I revisit these poses I face a mental hurdle of giving up and expecting better...

The ultimate lesson that a regular yoga practice has taught me over the years is to be okay with feeling uncomfortable or uncertain at times. Discomfort breeds new experiences, teaches me body awareness, patience, and endurance. By committing to a simple yoga class I am learning more about myself - how I face challenges, failure, and frustration - all whilst breathing in time with the teacher's cues.



20-hr Hot 26+2 with Missy Szymanski and Noy Petchwikai


200-hr Space & Flow Vinyasa Yoga with Raphan Kebe (in progress)

50-hr Budokon Mobility with Cameron and Melayne Shayne


50-hr Budokon Yoga with Cameron and Melayne Shayne


100-hr Yin Yang Yoga with Ariel Tang

100-hr Mentorship Programme with Tryphena Chia


200-hr Baptiste Power Vinyasa with Tryphena Chia

Art Projects:

Drawings that donate to dog shelters.

Instagram: @for.theloveofdog

Illustration • Prints • Murals
Colourful and abstract patterns.
Instagram: @kalacove

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The Scientist does it well. The Philosopher lives it. The Artist expresses it.

Budokon University

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