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Sharing stories ~ ula life

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

ula means “hidden gems of the sea” and each item curated is a true gem of the world. Every gem carries tales of another life, connecting historic crafts with people around the globe. Between a conscious consumer and a local artisan, a process is preserved and a voice given to its creation.

In yoga, our bodies tell the stories of our everyday living. Our limbs are archives of activity, our neck and shoulders speak of vitality. Conscious movement creates a dialogue between body, breath, and mind— whatever the head is saying, the body speaks another wordless narrative of sensual experience. In a sense we live by stories. Narratives of experience that give meaning to our existence tend to confront us when we practise yoga. 

The practice connects us back to ourselves just as much as it does to the teachers who guide us, and anyone else we interact with. Eventually this connection with others shapes our experience and perspective of the world we live in.

When a voice comes from a place of authenticity and grace then a story is shared, felt, and heard. This story can be carried around a neck or on a body in material form. Or it can continue to travel through myriads of mouths and ears connecting art with people, and people with people. 

A beautiful project created and curated by a beautiful friend, Bernice. Brilliant things come from quiet minds.

Nusa Penida, Bali

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