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#stayathome Practice

With the studio closed for 2 weeks, plenty of Pure Yoga teachers are offering online classes and tutorials to help keep up your practice from home.

I am leading classes this week via my Instagram Live Story @philippaflow ~ check out times below. If you're free and want to have a stretch- tune in and join us! Till we meet again in the studio, stay happy + healthy, keep moving and enjoy the simple pleasures we can easily overlook. For the moment I am using this period of stillness in our home city to read a new book unhurried, draw on my iPad, and clean my home space :)

Today's lunchtime class (Wednesday 25/3 1-2pm GMT+8) will be a vinyasa flow, including some things you've requested: Budokon transitions, balancing poses, core work, introduction to headstand, and a little more OOMF for sweat... I'll do my best!

For this weekend I've considered our usual Sunday afternoon classes at Pacific Place and will schedule a 3-4pm (Sunday 29/3 GMT+8) class much like a Hatha 1 we offer at Pure plus some BDK Yoga of course. Enjoy!

My Instagram Live Stream: @philippaflow

Pre-recorded classes from Pure Yoga Hong Kong:

Pure Yoga's Live Stream: @pureyogaofficial

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